Step-by-Step Onboarding

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Looks like you’re trying to set up your account. Lucky for you, setting up your account takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Follow this guide to start your onboarding process.  


1. Sign up with your company email address and choose a password.  


2. Click Manage Users to add Team Members  


To add team members, click “Mange Users” on the left side navigation and select “Add Team Member”. Fill in the user’s information and select the appropriate role for each user. Once invited, the user has 3 hours to complete their registration before their registration code expires.  


 3.  Assign roles to your Team Members 

Team Members can have different permissions and roles to assist in your applicant management process.  

Administrator: users have full access to your cnect account 

Recruiter: users can create jobs and manage applicants  

Contributor: users can only review and interact with applicants  


 4. Resend or Cancel an Invitation Link  


Pending invitations will appear in the “Manage Users” section under “Invites”. Select Invites to see previous invitations and select Resend. If you’d like to cancel a pending invitation, click Cancel. 




5. Adding Multiple Locations 

In your Company Account settings, you can add one or more locations based on your company size. 



6. Adding Departments 

If your company has multiple departments, you can add these under your Company Account. Internal codes are optional. If you prefer to keep these hidden on job posts, you can deactivate the department status at any time.  


7. Add Legal Disclaimer 

Adding a legal disclaimer to job descriptions helps protect your business against legal claims. Ensure you follow EEOC guidelines while creating a legal disclaimer that does not discourage an applicant based on race, color, sex (including gender identity, pregnancy, and sexual orientation), religion, age, nationality, genetic information, or disability. 


 8. Add Company Logo  

Add your company logo under Company Account. This will be displayed on any job postings you create.  


9. Receiving Notifications 

Users added to the hiring team on individual job postings will receive notifications when an applicant interacts with your open position. You can find notifications via email as well as in the bell icon on your dashboard.  


To adjust your email notification settings, go to My Account and deselect the Notification Preferences.  



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