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Our new modernized tools allow you to quickly and easily review and evaluate your candidates’ qualifications. You’ll be able to quickly identify whether they match the job description, or if they should move on. With this, you’re saving valuable time while also filtering out unqualified applications. 


After reviewing an applicant’s profile, users can leave Comments and Star Ratings only your hiring team can see. View, filter and decide based on your team’s feedback.  


1. Commenting on Applicants Profiles:  

You can make comments on your applicant’s profiles in order to let the review team know how you see them fitting into your organization. This feature is especially helpful when you have several people involved in reviewing candidates and need a brief overview of what each person thinks.  

Note: A candidate will not see the comments.  



2. Rating Applicants Profiles to Help your Hiring Team:  

Leave a 1-5 star rating on a candidate profile to tell your team if it was a good fit for the position. This helps your hiring managers quickly assess if a candidate is qualified for the job, without having to read the whole resume. 

Note: A candidate cannot see their rating given. 


3. Filtering and Sorting 

Advanced filtering and sorting systems allow employers to quickly view the best-matched applicants. This feature helps employers easily sort through applicants by skills, qualifications, education experiences or degree titles required for the job. 



4. Status of hiring

Phases of hiring are vital to keeping your team and the candidate well informed as to where they stand in the hiring process. Cnect has four different statuses to put a candidate into.

Interested: By telling a candidate you are interested in them, you are letting them know they are in the initial evaluation phase. Thus, they are in the know that they are a consideration for your company.

Communicating: After interacting in Digital Dialogue and watching an applicant’s First Impression Video, label the applicant as “communicating”. Here, they have moved on from interested to communicating.

Offer sent: After you have decided to hire this individual, you should change their status, so they know to look out for an offer letter. You can send this via our messaging tool.

Hired! You made a hire! Hooray! This way, your statistics are accurate. Don’t forget to press hired when you choose to hire someone.







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