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In today’s world, recruitment equals marketing. Candidates hold a lot of power when it comes to their job searching journey, and the only way to really reach them is to target where they are most active.

Cnect’s analytical team provides in depth promotional recommendations that we can execute for you. This is how this process works:


1. Tell us what job description/title a high priority for you is hiring wise.  

By keeping us in the loop as to what positions are a high priority for you and your company, we will focus our efforts on these positions and provide accurate and custom recommendations for you and your team.  


2. Provide us with a budget.

The best part about advertisements is that we can set a budget and the social platform follows our request. Once you provide us with a set spending number a week, we will either provide you with this content for your team to push out, or we can do this for you. By pushing our advertisements to potential talent, you are attracting them into the system to learn more about your company and the position.   



3. Choose what package you’d prefer. 

Our recommendations will be based on your budget. However, we will provide you with a base line promotional option, a standard promotional option, and a deluxe promotional option. With this, we will estimate the amount of traction expected from these campaigns. This way, you can see how many people will see your advertisements.  

You will choose which platforms you prefer us to push out your campaign, if any at all.  


4. Watch the candidates flow in!

Using cnect, we are prideful of our ability to bring in high-quality candidates that care about their job search. Be sure to look out for their First Impression Videos, engage in Digital Dialogue, and hire away.  

Click here to start talking to a customer success representative to get your promotional plan made.  

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